ColdEnergy is a young yet experienced company founded in 2010. Our international team of close to 20 people has over 20 years of experience in designing and managing technical projects of every size and complexity. ColdEnergy is widely recognized as one of the foremost engineering company, combining quality and safety with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Fruit ripening and controlled atmosphere storage is certainly one of our strongest expertise area.
ColdEnergy aims at providing you with the highest build quality available, sourced from selected suppliers. For all projects, we focus on energy efficiency, high equipment reliability, low running costs and low maintenance cost. Our solutions can save you up to 30% on ventilation energy cost.


From defining your specific requirements and identifying your constraints, our team of in house experts will provide you with highly efficient, comprehensive layout and design. ColdEnergy has successfully completed numerous turnkey facilities across Europe, as well as plant expansion, modernization and revamp projects, where we focused on controls, utility upgrades, production optimization, plant re-tooling and energy efficiency improvements. Our multidisciplinary teams are tailored to your projects' needs. We commit to take care of building, commissioning and testing your installation, from A to Z.


Our team of engineers and food specialists will support you in defining the complete technical specifications for your facility and been at your disposition at all stages of your project. We will make your investments successful by integrating elements such as food security, respect for the environment, working conditions, operating cost optimization, upgradeability and corporate image. We put a strong focus on energy efficiency, high reliability, low running costs and low maintenance cost. Our solutions can save you up to 30% on ventilation energy cost.

Maintenance e services

Maintenance & service Through our all inclusive preventive maintenance programs, we aim for limiting equipment breakdown, extending your facilities lifespan. Regular servicing will dramatically reduce downtime and allow your facilities to operate at their full potential. Our technical team is available 24/7, all over Europe. Service and maintenance inquiries: + -



Our team reputation is based experience and knowledge. ColdEnergy key engineers have over 20 years of experience in refrigeration, mastering CO2, Ammonia, direct expansion and chilled water cooling systems but also Co-generation and heat recovery solutions. Our fruit experts have been working for several big names in the industry dealing with ripening and investments. We clearly understand your needs.


Innovation is one of our main drives. You will benefit from the experience gained project after project and from our capacity to provide the best technology available for your projects. Through a network of highly specialized suppliers and a culture of constant improvement, ColdEnergy will keep you on the edge of innovation and efficiency.

internal outlook

At ColdEnergy, technical and administrative stall speak at least 2 languages. Language is no longer a barrier. From Italy and France, we can support you all over Europe ... and beyond.


We have one target only: provide solutions to our customers, on the long run. We want to become your privileged long-term partner, keeping you updated with the latest technology; answering all your enquiries and remaining available at all time to solve any issue you might encounter.


RIpening and controlled atmosphere

Banana and fruit ripening is one of our core competencies. Successful fruit ripening is an art that requires a delicate blend of high-level technology and traditional expertise. We will not only build your ripening facility, but we will also help you to optimize your ripening process, improving product appearance without dehydration. We can provide single, double, triple tier ripening rooms, equipped with airbags or side curtains, with reversible air flow ... you name it, we do it!

fruit and vegetable storage

From refrigerated port terminals to logistic platforms and gas tight, controlled atmosphere warehouses, our portfolio includes projects of various size and complexity.

meat industry

From slaughterhouse to meat process halls and storage, we insure the absolute respect of the cold chain, complying with the most strict sanitary regulations. One of our recent project con sited of an NH3 cooling system, with more than 15m3 ammonia capacity for a 30.000 m2 factory.


Combining state of the art technology and respecting traditional process, ColdEnergy is able to provide engineering, manufacturing, installation for your cheese and dairy product projects. Our expertise covers the specific constrains related to product flow through the preparing rooms, drying rooms and ripening cellars. recent projects included the setup of cooling tunnels, falling film evaporators etc.

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